Live explosions
Curated by Mio Shirai

Yusuke Ishida - Keisuke Oki - Masayuki Kawai - Shiho Kagabu - Gold Fish / Yellow Peach - Hiroyuki Kunimune -
Sachie Kimura -Minoru Kimura + Yoshikazu Fujita - Jio Shimizu - Mio Shirai -
"t" (Toshimitsu Nakagawa, Tomomi Shimizu, Ten Goto) -Taka Yasu - Kazuhiro Nomura - Mineki Murata -
Masahiro Yamamoto [
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Live explosions invites 15 Japanese artists working trans-disciplinarily as individuals and collaborations in art, music and performance to present new works and live performances. On display will be installations, video, live interventions and performances that include voice, hand-made music instruments, impromptu renditions with analogue feed back noise, body expressions and intensive 'actions' with materials. The sharing and exchange of ideas among multiple artists aims to create a widened perception for facing new reality.
Live explosions explores the world captured by the sense of the human body, as the source that invents rhythm and produces the relation between time and space by diversion, displacement and relocation of everyday experience and its functions and meanings. Some of the featured video works represent an uncanny relation between body and the external world, in which the artists position themselves in specific situations or traverse their own psychological geography; the outcome sometimes is humorous but often also sharp.
Confronted by the transitional stage of global society introduced by the financial crisis -- often described as a once-in-a-century event-- the artists in Live explosions look at the external world with a more sensitive and flexible spirit, seeking new creative impulses and possibilities for art to transform the social organism.


白井美穂、"t" (中川敏光、清水友美、後藤天)、高 安、野村和弘、村田峰紀、山本雅煕 [


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